Notes From The Bachelorette Pad

So far, we’ve hit all our marks.

We made a quick swing through the mall and had dinner last night, followed by an orientation meeting at the school she will attend next year.  We sat through an hour of commentary and a PowerPoint presentation about what it’s going to be like in seventh grade, with the longest segment being how to drop off your child in the parking lot the most efficiently.  Curriculum?  Different academic targets for older kids? Changing classrooms (finally) hour by hour? New responsibilities? New opportunities?  Nope.  “Make sure you pull as far forward as you can before you let your student out of your car…” Hope they don’t talk to the kids in the same style, but I’m betting that they do.

Plan for tonight: out for Chinese food and a movie at the local, city-run movie theater.  It’s a gem of a little theater called the Civic and is a low price home to the last run of most movies.  We figure popcorn should be on our menu, because by then we will be hungry again.  We plan to wander in town a little bit too, just to poke around.

Tomorrow, martial arts meeting and softball practice, but the rest of the day is ours to spend.  We probably will review our options tonight over jasmine tea and fortune cookies; all suggestions cheerfully considered.


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