One On One

My youngest and I are bachelorettes for the next few days, if that’s applicable to a couple of bi-generational females who are foot-loose and fancy free while the rest of the family goes on a school trip.  We only have the two of us to think about and we have a nice, leisurely weekend stretching ahead of us.  What to do, what to do?

This might actually be a little preview of life in general in a few years, when it’s just daughter number three left in the house, but for these particular days my husband gets to have last chance out-of-the-ordinary time with our oldest girls while he chaperones their trip, and I get to have special time with our youngest, paying her a little extra attention and maybe sneaking in a little girl time for myself.  The only specific request I got from her was to make sure we had a little lazy time built-in to our weekend, but I think I can accommodate that.

Over breakfast this morning, we made a few loose plans.  Later tonight we have a meeting to attend at the school she’ll be enrolled in next year, so perhaps before that we’ll get a two-top at a restaurant and have a small dinner together.  Friday night? Hmmmmmm. Surprisingly, there is nothing on the calendar.  Go out to a movie and munch on some popcorn out of the same bucket?  Wander the mall, picking and poking at the stores new offerings? Paint our toenails? Rent movies and stay in, cuddling under a communal blanket?  Then there is Saturday, and Sunday….

The world is our oyster.


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