How Do They Know?

The barometer must be changing.  After a long, busy weekend and a tossing, turning night, I was trying to fight off the beginnings of a headache.  I knew I would need to be clear-headed to teach lessons later, so I stole a few moments to lay down with a cloth over my eyes, keeping the light out.

I was trying to nod off when I felt a cat hop on the bed and climb up on my side.  As I laid still, playing ‘possum and trying to recapture my doze, I felt one soft arm stretch out and a smooth, cool paw touched my temple.  She relaxed into the pose and started to purr, keeping contact and a tiny bit of pressure there, and I finally slept.

The next thing I knew, the older girls were home and calling for me, and the cat was still nestled on top of me.  I gently moved out from under her, testing for my headache before I rose, and it was gone.  I gave her head a stroke as I left the room to get the studio ready for my students.

One green eye opened, and she gave me a lazy wink.


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One response to “How Do They Know?

  1. I gently moved out from under her…
    frizz: I’ve often done the same. My cat comes, when I can’t sleep at night or when I try to read something in my armchair. Usually I prefer to crawl her fur coat than to read a boring magazine …

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