It is April, and looks like February in my snowy yard.  My hope of a warm day is on hold, but I know it’s coming.  With enough patience and perseverance (and perhaps a snow shovel), I’ll get to what I want: warm days in which I can wear shorts and not have to have a jacket when I go out.

Things sometimes stalemate or plateau, no matter how much you want them or how hard you are working.  Often if I’m trying to lose weight, it just gets to a point where I’m still working as hard as I did, but seeing no results.  I stay at the same weight, no matter how much I am active or how well I eat.  Then, usually all of a sudden, the weight starts dropping off again, as though a logjam has broken.

It seems to be the same with my playing and search for gigs.  I am in a little area of static stability at the moment, but now is not the time to give up.  If I keep on doing what I am doing, even ramping it up a little, sooner or later whatever is holding me up will release, and I’ll be moving again.

It takes more effort to push through what seems to be a delay.  Perhaps that is so that if I have enough desire and resolve to not give up, I’ll be moving at a greater strength and velocity when it clears.


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