Signs Of Spring

Forsythia in bloom.  Grass greening.  Ground softening and loosening.  Branch tips fattening into buds.   Neighborhoods awakening and children outside playing for short spells.  Garden plans being made.  Squirrels and bunnies and birds cavorting in the yard.  Easter decorations in stores.  Ice cream stands dark all winter starting to open for business.  Ball fields full and runners charging around the bases.  Sunshine and showers in equal measure.  Snow.


April is a fickle month.  One day coatless, one day searching high and low for the mittens I misplaced.  Today we have blustery winds and snow showers, which puts a little damper on my sun-worshipper within.  I know we are moving forward, though, so I refuse to let a little frozen water change my hopeful mood.  I’ll move through the cutting wind with my chin in my collar and my eyes squinched mostly shut, thinking of warmer days soon to come and planning my summer vacation.

Spring will eventually stop being so capricious and linger.  Tomorrow, maybe.  That’s not what the meteorologist is predicting, but I’m hoping.


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  1. this bunny seems to have a good character …

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