After Break

Last night I slept with the window open for the first time all year.  At least, I think I did.  From the moment I remember laying my cheek on the pillow to the alarm going off this morning, the night miraculously disappeared.  All I know is that I was unceremoniously woken in the pre-dawn, forced to rouse grouchy kids, and somehow robbed of the pleasure of enjoying that open window.

After a full and busy week of my children being mostly home, I am now enjoying a solitary, quiet cup of coffee and attempting to regroup.  I didn’t go to Florida like some, or send the kids off to relatives, like others.  Instead, I had a week here with my chicks, and I planned accordingly.  I didn’t get all of my goals accomplished, and I’m sticking with the excuse that it rained on and off for most of the week so gardening and car washing was a moot point.  We got quite a few movies watched, I got a lot of work done on my trumpet(s), and we went out to dinner an inordinate amount of time, making it so I didn’t have to cook much.  I got my bike cleaned up and Spring-ready on the first day of break, when it looked to be nice, but that was as far as that got.

Stretching before me is the sprint to the end of the school year and, most significantly, to the graduation of my eldest daughter. There will be quite a few mingled firsts and lasts coming up, and I hope to savor them all, recognizing them as they pass.  I thought I’d dread this time.  Instead, it’s shaping up to be exciting and re-energizing for all of us.  I just hope I can hold on to this wild ride as it careens to June and beyond.

But first, just a few more sips of coffee….


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