Prom Dress Shopping

For some moms, the title of this post will bring fond memories of exciting hours of shopping, filled with fun and frills.  For others, it brings a wave of cold dread.  I am somewhere in the middle: always hoping for the former, but ending up with the latter.

Two days ago, my oldest daughter and I trekked to two malls in search of prom-wear.  It quickly became evident to us that it wasn’t the “perfect” dress we were looking for, but rather just a suitable one.  We were feeling pretty ahead of the game this year, since last year we had to search the dregs left on the racks a couple of weeks before Senior Prom. This time the big dance isn’t for another two months.  Plenty of time to find a dress, right?  In two of the four major stores we shopped in, the racks were picked clean of anything remotely attractive.  We began to set our sights lower.

There seemed to be two types of dresses – you could be a princess or in the cast of Jersey Shore.  The worst ones were those that combined the two.  The “royalty gone bad” genre was really quite distressing; you wondered what dreams the girls who would choose these had when they were little, and how they went so tragically wrong as they grew up.  If you are of strong temperament, go ahead and google “prom dress” and you will see some of what we were up against.  After many failed attempts, some so bad as to be comical, we finally came up with something with both elegance and beauty that we could both be happy with.  I am lucky to have a daughter with very good taste.

Yesterday, my second oldest girl and I went out to search for a Junior Prom dress.  Of course, this one snuck up on us, as the dance is next weekend.  This is mostly how I operate, these days.  Luckily it could be a short dress, and those were in much greater supply.  Only one mall, and we fit dinner into the decision-making segment.  How did we decide which of the final two dress choices to go with? That should be obvious.  We got both.  A girl can’t have too many cute dresses, can she?


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