Girl Time

We snuck out of the house right after we got dressed and headed to the local breakfast eatery, trying not to giggle too loud until we at least got to the car.  My youngest daughter and I had decided to take advantage of the sleeping teenagers and find a little time just for us to share.  What better opportunity than in the morning of a vacation week, with others slumbering or off to work?

We chose a good two-seater booth where we could relax and, of course, no one could join us.  Just us two girls, out for coffee and chocolate milk.  After some important discussion about what to order, we sat back and just had a  nice chat.  We get to talk all the time at home, but it’s somehow different when you are out together, alone, no other distractions.

Between visits from the waitress, talk eventually rolled around to family stories she hadn’t heard and discussions led by her like “If you had the opportunity to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?”. We yakked our way through breakfast and after, and decided to go for a little retail therapy, even if it was only window shopping. A pair of pink pajamas printed with sock monkeys (dressed as little bakers and cooks) seemed entirely appropriate for her, so we just had to leave the store with it.

We got back home before anybody else even missed us, which made our adventure even more of a covert pleasure. Now that we have moved on to the rest of our day, we still have little secret smiles for each other, and I can see the plans for more time out forming in her head.  I must admit, I am looking forward to it too.


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