Forgotten memories
Hide in the corners of the mind
For surprise attacks on
The heart.

~ me

This morning I went to get saucers for milk from the cupboard and got out three.  It’s been two months now, but still I look for my third cat to come wandering around the corner.   I had mostly been able to let it go until my youngest girl wrote another blog about missing the boy.  It took a hunk out of my heart, and made the wound all fresh again.

Our minds are incredibly complex and we learn how to safeguard our emotions. We build little walls, protecting us from things that might hurt, and as we get older, we get better at it.  For an empathetic, sensitive young person, though, those walls are mighty thin.  I wish I could loan my daughter a few of my hard-earned building supplies to shore them up.  She’s learning valuable lessons through all of this, but I still yearn to hold her close and protect her from the pain.

Here’s hoping we don’t forget our lost friends and family, but that we can think of them without hurt.



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One response to “Ambush

  1. I’ve just read your daughter’s post and left a comment, I think it’s very moving and heartfelt

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