Break Unbroken

This is it – the official start to Spring Break.  A week of no (or not much) schedule, time do do a few projects around the house, free time for the kids to get ready for the last push toward the end of the school year.  A breather of sorts.  So how do we make sure it doesn’t slip away, arriving at the end of it with nothing to show for it? After having vague plans of how we are going to use our gift of time, I’m often caught scratching my head and wondering where said time slipped off to.

I am going to set down on paper at least five things that I want to do before school starts again.  First, a few ground rules: they have to be things that I have either been putting off for a while or not had the time to do lately, they have to be achievable, and at least one of them needs to be fun.

My Spring Break “to do” list:

  1. Wash all the winter salt and grime off my poor car and at least dust down the interior.
  2. Haul my bike out of the garage and get it ready to ride, hopefully taking a shakedown jaunt with at least one of my daughters.
  3. Finish making my Schilke valves feel like Schilke valves again – a little trumpet maintenance.
  4. Have a chick flick day with my girls.  Visit the movie rental store and pick up all the titles we have wanted to see lately.  Popcorn optional but recommended.
  5. Take music outside and clear out a front flower bed, making it easier to see the spring flowers.

I’m sure these aren’t the only things I’ll get done this week, and it’s not like I couldn’t accomplish this in one day if I needed to. That’s partly the point.  I just want a vacation-end “Ta-dah!” moment.

Maybe I’ll get some of the others to join me by making their own lists.  We didn’t get to go off on a trip, but we all need to feel like we did something we wanted to.


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