Garden Party

There is something highly anticipatory and satisfying about planning a garden while the air is still crisp and the ground partially frozen.  As I was standing at the window this morning looking out at the back yard and drinking my coffee, I was struck into a momentary panic by the thought that we would be hosting a graduation party out there in mere months.  Though portions of the yard have been “improved” over the years, I have let some sections slide over the last few as we spend more time at the boat in the summer than here at the house.  There will be a lot of work to do to get ready for a graduation open house this summer.

This is a great excuse to get online and start to look at some catalogs, planning forays into the wild under-brush, coming up with plans for space already won and designing spaces yet to be.  I think I’ll need some help on this project too, so I’d better get a full array of new gardening gloves and a few new tools so I can put younger, stronger backs to work pulling and digging and hauling.  They can get in on the planning, too, and perhaps that will make everyone a little happier about the sweat-equity they are about to invest.

As my twinge of panic turned to planning, I calmed down a little.  Yes, it will be a major effort to get everything ready for a multitude of visitors.  If I keep it weeded after the party and remember to winterize it wisely, it will be very close to ready for next year’s open house to celebrate my middle daughter’s graduation.

This will be a two-fer, pretty much.  The second one will be a breeze.


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  1. I just love the phrase “sweat-equity”

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