Set It On Simmer

I have many projects going at the same time usually, and try as I might, I can’t work on them all at once.  I struggle to keep my practicing on track and find performance venues to play in.  I chair a city commission.  I’m a mom and house-runner. I (mostly) keep up with my urge to write by posting here on a daily basis.  I have a book partway read and several more waiting for my attention.  I’m almost to the end of a teaching year yet adding a few new students.  My kids involve me in numerous aspects of their existence, all of which I need to keep straight.

A friend posted a remark today about letting a writing project of hers “simmer” for a little bit while she did something else, and it just seemed to ring a bell with me.  That’s often what I do when I write; put a few thoughts down as they occur and let them stew for a while so they can fully cook and come together.  Sometimes I finish an entire post, edit it, and arrive at the point with which I am happy with it.  Then I let it sit and “rest”, coming back to reread it later before posting it.  More times than not, it has settled a little too far or has a few too many ingredients, so I fix it and then serve it up.

The other elements of my life are braising simultaneously as well, some needing time to develop, some needing to come off the heat immediately, with the next pot ready to go on the fire.  Some may be just a little far down the line on what needs to get done and wait for a spot on a burner.  And a few, I regret to say, overcook and get thrown away.

It’s all a matter of timing.


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