Wishful Thinking

“That bush on the end is starting to look a little green, isn’t it?” I peered out the window, straining to see what they were referring to. “No, really. Isn’t there sort of a green haze around it?”

I guess you can see anything if you really look hard enough.  You can see a galloping horse in a cloud.  The full moon looks like a jolly man.  It is possible to perceive a pattern where there is none or randomness where there is order.  Yes, Spring is around the corner.  Soon everything will be bursting with buds and abundant growth, but it takes some special eyesight to imagine the greening of that poor, empty, winter bush today.

The weak sunshine fools us and and we so want to see the season change.  The fact that I am still waking up to the sound of a windshield being scraped ice-free leads me to believe that we still have some waiting to do.  The afternoon looks so temperate for March and like a wonderful, warm Spring day, so maybe the bushes will get to work, just a little.  Perhaps they can ignore the fact that’s it 32° F out there.

Hmmm. Now that I look again, maybe I do see a little green…


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Filed under Changes, Seasons, Self-realization

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