Enjoy The Interval

There are a few things that make life enjoyable, things that really don’t contribute much to the good of the world around us.  A lazy Sunday, for instance.  Closing my eyes and raising my face to the sun.  An afternoon nap.  Success on a difficult etude after days of work.  The pause in my mind just after I finish a good book.  Laughing over something silly.  Serendipity.  The discovery of a purple flower in the brown garden.  Waking in the night to a quiet house.  Saying something at just the moment someone else does, mind on exactly the same wavelength.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the mundane operational details of life that I forget to just enjoy those around me and enjoy the time I have with them.  Conflicts arise, schedules interfere, mistakes are made, moods change.  Things are ever shifting and I cannot get back time and experiences, but I’m learning to slow down a little and appreciate what is here every day.

Some days are certainly less enjoyable than others, but if I look hard enough, I can find at least one little thing to enjoy.  The hard part is to remember to look, but I’m getting better at it.

There is no cure for birth or death save to enjoy the interval.
~ George Santayana


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One response to “Enjoy The Interval

  1. Conflicts arise, schedules interfere, mistakes are made, moods change…
    but maybe daily we can find one moment to relax (me, playing guitar, forgetting Japan or Libya …)

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