Play Ball!

It must be Spring.  One of the harbingers of the season just occurred: a brand-spanking new softball shirt, shorts, socks and visor just entered the house.

Seasons ago, when we had all three girls on a team each spring, it got fairly crazy making sure practices were made for all teams and games were written in ink on the schedule.  The family would sometimes have to split up to get all the girls where they needed to be.  We usually ended up having three places to be at the same time, but somehow we managed.  I try to get to all the girl’s games so it got to be difficult to have it all work out evenly.

This year there is only the youngest daughter on a team.  It should be a bit easier to manage, though I miss having the older girls participate too.  They are just too busy, and the league changes as you get older.  Not enough teams to play, all the better players are off on travel teams, and my girls have never wanted to give that kind of time to softball.  They always had a hundred other things to do as well.  Now my challenge with them will be to insure that they make it to some of their sister’s games, since she has been to most of theirs involuntarily, when she was younger and needed to be with me.

I always played ball in the summer as I was growing up.  I loved the feel of the bat connecting solidly, then pounding to first base and beyond.  I played catcher whenever I could, because other than the pitcher they are the ones getting the most action in the game, and I liked being the pitcher’s partner.  My mom used to say I was almost born at a baseball field during one of my brother’s games.  I had always hoped my kids would get as much enjoyment out of it that I had.

So far we’ve only got the uniform, but practices start soon and we should get out and throw the ball some to get in shape.  Luckily the sun is shining and an afternoon stretches before us.  Now if I can just find my mitt…


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