Robins In My Yard

Well, it may be presumptuous, but I did a very contained Happy Dance when I noticed a trio of robins pecking at the wan grass in my backyard.  The snow has mostly melted, the sun is trying to shine, it seems like something is about to burst on the scene, and there is definitely more activity amongst the wildlife outside.

Inside, I still have my fleece on over my sweatshirt, so I’m not really dancing yet.  In the north, winter isn’t ever really over in March.  I have been on this train of thought before only to have it derailed within the hour by more snow showers, so I’m almost afraid to look at the weather forecast to see what’s coming.

Wanting to avoid looking past my backyard has become a matter of self-preservation in ways beyond weather as well; there seems to be so much natural and political unrest in the world right now.  If I don’t turn on the news or read other blogs or talk to any friends, I can believe that this is just a normal Spring approaching, and that robins in my yard are the best thing that could happen.  I can pretend that there are no labor disputes affecting friends and colleagues, no more people losing their jobs, no conflict in other countries, no natural disasters to live through and recover from.

The world has taken a disturbing turn lately, but I suppose it’s no good to ignore what is going on in the wider picture.  Lessons can be learned and support given, and we can be both empathetic and thankful that we are half a globe away from some of the disasters happening right now.

The view from my window is pleasant today, but it’s narrow.  That can be a comfort in a troubled world, but sometimes it’s good to know when a storm is coming.


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