Concert Dress

I enjoy getting ready for a concert.  There is an expectant rush to what are usually every day occurences.  Morning ablutions turn almost ritualistic, and perhaps I take a little more care with how everything comes out.  I set out my clothes piece by piece, making sure all is stage ready.  Putting on the black concert outfit, though it’s not a tuxedo like the men, always puts me in a different frame of mind.

I begin to look forward to the music, thinking through the pieces in my mind, thinking through the list of what I have to take, what I need for the performance, making sure all pieces of my concert dress are just right, and that I am fully prepared.  I might warm up at home, or arrive early to the concert venue to play a bit and get limber.  For the concert today, we have a morning rehearsal before the afternoon concert, so I have to think about pacing myself too, so that I can be at peak condition at the performance and not before.

Getting ready for a concert also reminds me of the many other times I have done this in my life.  It becomes another pearl on the string, bringing a continuity to this re-energizing of my music making, tying me to my younger self.  It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of concert it is, it is still a pre-battle readying.

The concert will be enjoyable to play, but the anticipation of the prep makes it something special.


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