Removing My Blinders

I woke up to a fresh coating of new snow after yesterday’s promising look of exposed ground, and I groused about what a tease Mother Nature is.  Then I heard the news about the quake in Japan and tsunami warnings around the Pacific and realized that I can’t possibly be less than thankful for the gentle, additional layer of snow outside.

I angst about the state of my house, but people are losing everything they own as I type this.

I fuss about the seemingly useless classes my daughter is scheduled to take, but then I am reminded that she is quite privileged to have the opportunities she has, and a little fluff in her schedule is just a blip on her life screen.

I am frustrated by bickering and clashes amongst my family members, but I am fortunate that they are all here and healthy enough to fight.

I fume when students skip lessons because I skip getting paid for that time, but I have employment of my choice, and have the freedom to not have a 9-to-5 job, unlike quite a few of my friends who are involuntarily out of work.

I forget how truly lucky we are, how much we really have, and get drowned in the minutia of my privileged existence until something of this magnitude slaps me in the face.  I am not in danger.  My home is intact.  My family is safe.  And today I appreciate everything we have just a little more than usual.


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