30 Days

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A month without any sweets. Four weeks.  Twenty eight days and counting.  Not one single Girl Scout cookie has passed my lips this year, and I have forgone anything sweet at all, even wine less than sec or an artisanal beer that was described as “chocolatey”.  No fruit, no soft drinks, not even the diet kind.  Veggies now taste sweet, and  no-sugar-added cereals taste like Sugar Pops, almost to an unappealing degree.  Oh, and I’m eight and a half pounds down on the scale.

Speaking of sweets, it’s been a little more than a month since our sweet cat left us. I would say we are getting back to normal, but it’s more that we are creating a new normal around here.  The other cats are still acting strangely.  They haven’t been looking for him, but are more apt to be in the same room that we are, and the lonely brother is so vocal now that you’d think he was human.  He will sit at your feet and have an entire conversation with you if you are patient enough to answer him back.  My youngest daughter is still prone to moments of melancholy, though they seem to be getting further in between.  He is very much missed by all of us.

The last month has seen me get back to listening to more music, though it has been of a different variety.  More of it has been what I would now consider “work related”: music that a group I’m in will be playing, or solo trumpet works to study.  There have been fewer times I put on music purely for enjoyment, but the silence was just a pause.

My house is still in C.H.A.O.S., but I am a little more at peace with it.  I have a goal that makes it possible to focus on something other than how clean (or not clean) the house is.  I may have to put some other things on hold for a few days and knuckle under for Spring cleaning soon, but it’s needed.  Maybe I can treat it as a reset and get back on track for a few basic things.  Um-hmm.  Right.


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  1. sorry to hear, one cat has left the world, hoping there’s a heaven for cats, where she can wait …

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