Unidentified Object In The Sky

There is a big yellow ball-shaped thing in the sky, and I am not sure whether to cower or bask.  What is it? My genetic memory tells me it is something good, but I am still afraid of it – it’s so bright!

All kidding aside, we have had some pretty gray and gloomy days lately, and I am itching to be done with sweaters and thick socks and layers every time I want to step out of my house.  Today the skies are bright blue, the snow looks like it’s diminishing (even if only a little) and there is vague hope that we have turned a seasonal corner here.

It’s still pretty cold and rather windy so I don’t think I’ll spend much time outside contemplating the “heavenly anomaly”, but I can sit here inside, in my fleece, with my coffee cup warming my palms, and think of brighter things to come.  The last of the snow melting until next year, say.  Or getting our boat back into the water after a season ‘on the hard’.  Or days at the pool or dockside, cold drink in hand, nice sail behind me.  Or even driving with my windows rolled down and shades on, playing Rodrigo y Gabriela rather too loudly.

I’m physically tired of being cooped up, too.  I need to move a little, shake off the hibernation we tend to get into up here in the north.  That winter putting on of the weight is done, and I’m newly sweet-free. I feel lighter and more active already, but I still have no place to go, so it feels like I am marking time until I can get out and move.

Come on, sun – melt that snow.  I’m ready to get out and walk some miles.



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2 responses to “Unidentified Object In The Sky

  1. “Come on, sun – melt that snow. I’m ready to get out and walk some miles…”
    and if it stays cold, walk through snow …

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