Just A Preview

So was this an aberration or a glimpse of things to come?  This morning was a little unusual, yet could work out to be the norm next year: only my middle and youngest daughters had to get up to go to school today and the pre-school time was harmonious and pleasant.

I’m not saying that my oldest daughter causes problems, nor do I mean to imply that we will be happier without her; I’m just stating fact here.  I really enjoyed puttering around the kitchen, listening to my two youngest chat about nothing over tea and toaster crumpets while I threw a couple of lunches together and sipped coffee.  Usually the youngest and I share this time, often with her off on other pursuits while I work, until the older two fly down the stairs, grabbing their backpacks and coats, and slam out the door.  There is usually no nice, relaxing, convivial time.

Next year will see their oldest sibling in college, and away from us.  We’ll get her back, occasionally, but our routines will all change in ways I’m sure we don’t even realize.  I’m both dreading the lack of her smiling face and excited for her to move to the next step – it’s a very mixed-up emotion that I am sure I’ll be feeling for quite a while.  Roles will change within the family, and the balance will shift to more adults than kids.  It’s something parents work for, but I’m not sure we really want, in our hearts.

Granted, this morning was out of our regular routine because the eleventh graders were testing and none of the other high school kids had to be at school, so daughter #2 had a little more to prepare for.  It wasn’t really a normal day for her either.  Tomorrow is the same schedule, so perhaps that will be the litmus test of whether this was just pre-testing nerves that got her up and moving, or not.

Or maybe it was the tea and crumpets.  I’ll have to buy more.


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