Round And Round They Go

I have three rocks I have put in a tumbler, to make them smooth and pretty.  They were all put in separately and so will be finished at different times, but right now they churn around and bang into one another, rubbing off the rough edges of the others, and in the process, grow smooth themselves.  The instructions say to add sand and other rough materials, to speed up the work and make each rock the most polished it can be.  There is no guarantee that each one will be beautiful, but the constant motion will bring up all the individual flaws and beauty marks of each stone, and sometimes you don’t know what you will find until you are done.

Right now, it’s a pretty loud process.

For instance, just about every day after school the girls come home squabbling, and when the youngest gets home a little later, she either gets her feelings hurt or joins in the fight.  I try to mediate a bit, but the logic I throw in the tumbler is usually just swept away in the emotion of the moment.  They are rubbing each other raw at times, but either learning to cope or tumbling with abandon until they calm down.

I know letting off steam is normal and necessary, and all part of the polishing process, but I can’t say I’ll miss all the noise and banging when it’s finally done.


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