No one is impressed with me anymore.  It used to be that I could get stubby-fingered applause for finding the missing favorite toy or the lost homework.  An excited squeal and an enthusiastic hug were my rewards.  I felt, shall we say, appreciated.

I can find most anything needed for a craft or school project, no matter how esoteric (“Mom, do we have any cotton batting and electrical wire?”).  I can locate lost clothing in a room, I can find something in my closet that would suffice for whenever an outfit they are trying to put together doesn’t work, I can pull a full bottle of syrup out of the recesses of the cupboard when everybody thinks we have to eat our french toast naked.

So where did I lose my mojo?  When did it become passé for Mom to pull stuff out of thin air?  When did all I get for finding something become a roll of the eyes?

I’m considering going on strike.  They would have to find things themselves, put together projects without outside assistance, come up with items magically, and spelunk the cupboards until they found what was really there all on their own.

Then maybe they’d give my incredible mom talent the respect it deserves.


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