My Happy Place

I step out of my room, sarong brushing against my ankles, book in hand.  The sun has been up long enough to warm the sands. A slight breeze has begun gently blowing, making the palm fronds rustle overhead.  Fluffy clouds seem to sit still in an azure sky.

There is no rush, nothing I need to go to or be or do. All my children are safe and content, but elsewhere. I spend the day reading and watching the sea and the people around me, cold drink that never needs refilling in my hand. Later, when I feel like it, I dress for dinner and find my way to a table to be catered to by kind and laughing people.

As I dine, the sky eventually darkens to indigo, stars come out twinkling, dodging the remains of the fluffy clouds.  There is a thumbnail moon, so it’s not too bright, but the waves are phosphorescent on the beach and the sound is hypnotic.  I could take a walk on the beach, or move to the patio for a nightcap.  Anything is possible.

Everyone needs a place like this in their minds.  Somewhere they can go to when everything gets to be a bit much, somewhere they can be immediately, without any effort or thought.  A place they have already constructed in their mind, because when they are stressed, the last thing they need is another mental exercise.

Your place will be different from mine, with things unique to you setting the stage.  Perhaps it’s someplace you can be active and fulfilled, rather than relax.  Maybe you build a mountaintop chalet, cut off from the world by ten feet of snow.  It doesn’t matter where or what, just that it is yours.

Excuse me, I hear the reggae music starting….. (~ cue music ~)



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3 responses to “My Happy Place

  1. Marsha Boatwright

    Your place, much like mine, sounds wonderful!

  2. yes we need those places …
    OIA, handmade houses

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