Monkey On My Back

In an effort to improve my health, hence improve me, I have cut out all sweet stuff.  Again.  Let this be a warning to you.

I find that the only way I can improve what I eat is to totally cut out the bad portions.  Excise the cancer, so to speak.  I can’t just cut back, it has to be an all or nothing thing, and that probably speaks to my basic nature. And for me, following along that course, if I cut out sweets I have to cut out even fruit and fake sweets like diet foods.  Those just make me crave more sweets, so out they go.

Thing is, I was all set.  Happy with how I felt.  Not eating any sweet stuff and hadn’t for months.  So, what happened? “Oh, well, I’m doing fine.  I’ll just have a little.”  Bingo, bango – I was back on the sugar bandwagon by my next bite.  Sounds a little like an addiction, doesn’t it?  Scientists are split about this one.  There are the “all things in moderation” folks and the cut out all carbohydrate camp, and there are some who do point to the addictiveness of sugar.  I must be one of those affected most by that sensitivity, and though I hesitate to label it an addiction, I am treating it as one.

Seems like I need to do a serious program, and count the days I have been “clean”.

Look out world.  I may be grouchy for a while.



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3 responses to “Monkey On My Back

  1. I have diabetes and I am fighting against the wish to eat things with SUGAR. hardest point: when I pass by an ice cream shop …

    • Ice cream is one of my downfalls too. And cookies. But I feel better without, so the moment on my tongue doesn’t make up for making me feel bad for lots longer.

      Hint: change your route to avoid even passing the ice cream shop! 😉

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