Choices, Choices

photo by Laura Meyer Photography

Life is the sum of all your choices.  So said Albert Camus, the absurdist philosopher.  What choices brought you here, to the place you live in and the life you have right now?  Can you point to the most important fork in your path? The time you made the one choice that changed everything? Or was it small decision after insignificant choice, one on top of another, that shaped what you made of yourself?

Tracing cause and effect backward, I can’t even recall some of the reasons I chose what I did that ultimately affected me most. I feel sure that some of the options I picked were not the “right” ones, but every single one of them brought me here, to this place.

What choices will my daughters make, even this early in their lives, that will lead them to the lives that they want?  Choosing a focus for their lives in the form of picking a major in college or choosing life partners; these are major decisions.  What about  deciding to stay home one Saturday afternoon and reading a book, finding a kernel of thought that changed your viewpoint on one tiny thing, which led to another, which shaped how you looked at what you wanted to do with your career?

We just never know which things will be the catalyst for others, and which things will lead us down a totally different path than the one we thought we were on. Wrong turns can lead to discoveries, unfamiliar roads become an adventure.  I’m glad I can’t “mapquest” my journey – even now, I’m glad to still have choices and the opportunity to alter my destination.


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  1. Life is the sum of all your choices. So said Albert Camus, the absurdist philosopher… – nice, that you mention CAMUS! (he also knew: Life is a Sisyphean task …)

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