Parental Pride

There’s nothing like sitting in a cleared out classroom nervously watching a judge scratching away at the ratings sheet as your kid plays her heart out.

After weeks of work in school, today my two oldest daughters traveled to another high school along with hundreds of other students to participate in Solo & Ensemble competition. Adrenaline seemed to mist the air as we entered the school, kids in concert dress swirling through the entry from warm up room to performance room.  Watching other family groups trail in and out in differing states of nervous agitation always brings out the people-watcher in me.  Some parents led the charge, some followed along looking rather baffled and overwhelmed.  I have been at S&E many times, both as a band director working in the rooms and as a parent. It’s much, much different from this side.

I like having my kids step out and do things that might put them a little out of their comfort zone.  There is so much to be gained.  If they do well after working hard, they have pride of accomplishment.  If they bomb because they didn’t put the work in, then an important life lesson is learned in a non-critical situation. Luckily, they both came home with blue medals.  Though they groused about the early hour we had to get up on a Saturday morning, I think they felt a sense of accomplishment and achievement that they don’t get from many other things.

I know how great my kids are, but it’s always nice when somebody else recognizes how talented and special they are, too.



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2 responses to “Parental Pride

  1. Congrats to them for the “Blues”!


  2. Congratulations to your daughters! You’re so right about taking them out of their comfort zone, it does them the world of good and like you say lessons can be learned, but without the consequences being too serious

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