Walk, Don’t Run

After the Snowmageddon That Wasn’t, we were home for the day, enjoying the freedom from our daily schedule, getting a chance to catch up on the less important things.  Things we didn’t have to do, but wanted to.  Jewelry was made, movies watched, food prepared, stories edited, music listened to, pictures painted, jammies on. After a while, however, my daughters began to feel something was missing.  Yes, we were having a snow day and were “trapped” in the house.  Yes, they had the freedom to do all the things they had been complaining they hadn’t had time for.  But they were lacking one element: their friends, who were “trapped” in their own houses.

They take easy access to their friends and the fact that school brings them all together for granted some times.  So what to do? It’s true, we didn’t get all the snow that they said we would, but we still had quite a bit.  They knew I wanted to stay home and not plow through the snow taking them places – after all, if I could do that, they could have gone to school, right?

So the two oldest came up with a novel idea.  They made plans with a couple of people who live close by and…. they got all bundled up and walked there.

So why do they have to be driven everywhere on balmy summer afternoons?


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