Hello, my name is Mary, and I suffer from Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.

I’m with Erma Bombeck when she says “Most women put off entertaining until the kids are grown.”  My house has too much stuff in it, I don’t put cleaning as my priority, and I have a family that mostly thinks it’s my job, and my job only, to clean.  I am the only one without school or regular work hours to go to, so that is quite reasonable, but some days it sticks in my craw, just a little.

My mother would be appalled that I don’t get up at 5:00 am to wash the floors like she did.  Many mornings I’d come down to the kitchen only to be barred at the door because the floor wasn’t quite dry yet.  She would hand me a strip of toast and I would go around and through the family room to get to the back door, stepping carefully on the entryway there.  My house gets vacuumed, as we have shedding pets that make it impossible not to, but I couldn’t hope to keep up to my mom’s standards.

Perhaps that’s why I feel like it takes such a colossal effort to ready the house for guests, and why an unexpected visitor at my door brings a rush of blood to my cheeks.  Will I ever get to the point where I can swing the door wide, smile, and say “Come on in!” with pride?

I guess that would require me to set different priorities, and though that wouldn’t be all bad, I can’t see it happening in the near future.  For now, I have a few oases of order in the house, and can get it to visitor status in under a day if I ignore a few hot spots that are just not going to get done.

That’s it!  I’ll develop and market a set of different sized cloths that have a sort of household camouflage on them.  Printed to look like an arm-chair or side table, you could toss it over the pile of debris in the office or the laundry basket of clean clothes waiting to be folded in the family room when unexpected company arrives.  I could offer many different styles and colors for different homes, and I’d make a fortune.

Then I could hire someone to clean my house.



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3 responses to “C.H.A.O.S.

  1. You may not have the tidiest house, but having read your posts over the past month, I bet you’ve got a welcoming home and that’s what matters

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