Reset Button

I need a button for my life that returns everything to normal.  A delete button, though sometimes very handy, would be too much to ask. I just need something that takes what is a bit off kilter and straightens it back on course.

All of us need more sleep, need time to catch up on assignments and projects, need time to come to terms with our recent sorrow, need opportunities to work on things that interest us and engage us, not just the things that keep us afloat.  Everything has been moving at warp speed, some things flashing by without too much attention.  I need to clear my cache, clear recent history, close windows and tabs that are not relevant anymore.

Then, came the snow.  The media spun everyone up to panic proportions, but hardly half of what was predicted materialized.  Yesterday afternoon the schools declared today a snow day, before a flake had even fallen, and I must admit to enjoying the knowledge that we would all be hunkering in with pajamas on and mug in hand.  We are still doing that, without the dangers of a full-blown blizzard to worry us.  No place to go, anything planned for today canceled, deadlines for work due extended.

Mother Nature is a crafty one.  Looks like she had her finger on that reset button the whole time.



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3 responses to “Reset Button

  1. snow as a reset button, funny idea
    we all are hunkering in with pajamas on and mug in hand…
    I’ve made a quotation of your nice article:

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