A Strange Hush

No music.  No voices.  Even the quiet whoosh of the furnace kicking on sounds loud.  If you had asked me this weekend, I would have said the thing I needed was peace and quiet.  Now that I have it, not so much.

Everything seems in suspended animation.  There are chores to be done, but I am not doing them yet.  I am making a shopping list to go to the store, but I am loathe to leave the house.  I keep checking the box that the cat is resting in, to pet him, and give him a touch, and let him know I am near.  My youngest daughter has finally stopped looking for miracles; now she just doesn’t want him to be alone at the end.  Neither do I.

The weathermen have begun predicting a massive snowstorm for  mid-week, so I really need to get groceries.  I’ll just have to leave the house at some time today.  Of course, every major storm they have predicted so far this year hasn’t materialized, or not in the near disasterous proportions they said.  Perhaps part of this unease is from the weather coming, too.  We used to be able to predict weather through our bones far more than having scientists tell us.  My bones are restless and waiting.

The girls will be home later, and perhaps I’ll get the feeling of moving through time again.  I have lessons to teach tonight, and there will be homework to help with, things to get ready for tomorrow.  I’ll know there is a future.  For right now, though, this moment is all there is.

This may be a very long day.



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4 responses to “A Strange Hush

  1. Larry Mullison

    Hello, Enjoy your blog very much. Touches a place that seems missing in much of the world. Not sure what the word is but I enjoy it much, Thank Wendell again, for me for sending the package. THANKS

  2. brian

    peaceful…that’s all we can ask…i spent last thurday night/friday morning up until 2am with gus….he was a good kitty and waited until i fell asleep…i awoke at 4am, and he was where he would have been in the morning, but he was no longer waiting for the morning…thinking of you’all….

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