Comfort Food

When my girls were little, we would get powdered sugar donuts as an occasional treat, the kind that made your face and your clothes and the table all look like a snow storm had hit.  To minimize the blizzard, I would cut them up into spokes or little rounds.  Pudgy hands would reverently lift spoke to mouth and quiet would ensue, at least for a moment.  Other favorites were grapes skewered like lollypops on tiny stick pretzels, and coins and smiles (sliced carrots and celery). Sliced bananas with multi-colored sprinkles were often asked for, and French Toast for dinner also made the cut.

I remember little details like that from my childhood.  I still cut sandwiches diagonally, like my mother always did.  There were little favorite ways to serve things up; combinations that might initially appeal to a toddler, but grow with us to become a trip down memory lane.  There are a few I haven’t passed along, like the boiled ham and peanut butter on white bread that my mom would make us, but many have found their way to my children too.

Sometimes we make new favorites. One of my daughters has found a way to make a single serving of chocolate cake in a mug in the microwave, and I bet that gets passed down to her children.  That kind of thing couldn’t have gotten passed down from long ago, but she can start her own tradition now.  Luckily, she makes me one every so often, too.

To me, comfort food is fare that has stayed with me from childhood and passed the test of time.  To this day, I prefer to eat my sugar donut in spokes.  Works better with coffee that way.



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  1. Maureen

    Great blog MJ

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