Music Is Forever

Most people learn an instrument in childhood. Be it piano or guitar or something more group oriented, music is often a pursuit of the young.

I began with piano lessons, learned how to play trumpet in fifth grade, and progressed into a music education major at a nationally acclaimed university, learning all the instruments.  Music was obviously a large part of my schooling and growing up, and many others shared the same track at least until they got out of secondary school and went on to college and university or off into the work force.  What then happened to all those former musicians?

I became a teacher of music, starting and growing many other music makers, watching them graduate and sometimes finish their musical “career”,  just like I am now watching my daughters go through the process.  Is that all there is? You graduate and you stop recreating live music? The only thing you play is an iPod?

Happily, there are many opportunities for adults to make music; in our home communities, in alumni groups even if they weren’t music majors, in friendly amateur bands, and even just as helpers to their own music learners, their children.  Too many people feel that if they set down their instrument twenty years ago, they can never pick it up again. Wrong!  Pick it up, or find a used one if you have sold or lost yours along the way, and at least make music for yourself.  There is nothing quite like the act of creation, even in simple music.  It’s physical and tactile and audible to those around you.  It’s both a feel-good process and a little bit of your heart shining out.

Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you,

following you right on up until you die.

~Paul Simon


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One response to “Music Is Forever

  1. thanks for the paul simon quotation!

    my thank you: a youtube link,
    where you can hear paul simon also –
    and yes, since 50 years I play guitar and that
    supported my emotional grow …

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