Drama Queen

It’s been quite a dramatic day.  Not so much in a “surrounded-by-divas” way, but more of an “in-the-back-row-of-the-chorus” way.  If you’ve ever had a day in which nothing seems within your control, you’ll know just what I mean.  You know where you are supposed to be, know where your marks are, hit them every time, and still don’t feel like you have made a whit of difference in the production.

It seems like the type of role I am called to perform varies from day to day and season to season.  Some days I’m an understudy, thrust into a part without being totally prepared.  I flail around, trying to find the opening in the curtain, forget or mis-state lines, and make wrong entrances, while the stars float around me, oblivious.  Other days, I do feel like the star; the pivotal character that everyone else has to work around.  There are pitfalls to that role as well.  You can’t miss a day, “the show must go on”, and you can carry heavy responsibility.

Today was definitely a chorus day; I couldn’t have made an impact on anybody in the audience no matter how well I did.  I’m sure someone would have noticed me doing poorly though; someone always does.



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3 responses to “Drama Queen

  1. If I could remember my Shakespeare, I’d be quoting the “All the world’s a stage…” speech, but having barely scraped a pass at English Literature, I can’t! But I know what you mean.

  2. trying to find the opening in the curtain, …
    my opening daily: a wordpress article
    then the rest will fit …

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