Modern Miracle

The microwave oven.  Gift from the culinary gods of Convenience and Ease Of Use. Mother’s helper to countless households.  Demon in a box.

I’m pretty sure my microwave gets used more than any other appliance in my kitchen, barring the refrigerator and dishwasher. From nuking my late morning coffee after the coffee maker turns off to allowing the kids some degree of freedom in the kitchen for snacks and meals, it’s a workhorse.

I’m certainly not the best of cooks (just ask my family – the gnocchi experiment last night was less than stellar) but I do know my way around a kitchen.  I can follow a recipe like a pro, and enjoy relaxed time among the pots and pans when I am cooking for enjoyment. Puttering around, chopping, sauteing, simmering, tasting – those are for lazy weekend days when I feel inspired.  When I have to produce food to quell the whiny, hungry mass that is my daughters, it’s less fun.  Those are the nights the microwave ‘saves the day’.

Supper gets on the table in short order, and even though elements of the meal may not have been slaved over by my loving hands, all are fed and fueled and we get to have a few minutes to sit down together and laugh or discuss.  As the girls get older and more involved with after school activities and friends, having a meal with all five of us present becomes difficult.  Add the nights that we adults are off and running to meetings, rehearsals, and late home from work and it becomes even harder. Those are the nights when everyone is on their own for dinner, and though we call them Cupboard Nights, the microwave pays it’s dues.

Admittedly, I may rely on the microwave for those independent buffets a bit too much.  Not that I have become addicted to using it or anything, but it sits there and says, “Here, put that in me – I’ll cook it and you don’t have to do a thing.  Go, put your feet up, I’ll even reheat your coffee for you…”

We’re having a staredown at the moment.


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  1. when my wife is not at home I am missing the beep-tone of the microwave oven to produce the next cappuccino …

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