Blogging As Therapy

Recently I have felt the need to put my hands out and steady my thoughts and myself.  A friend had been promoting her blog online and I went to look it over and see what it was about.  I ended up subscribing to her blog, and then looked around at several blogging sites to see what it would take to start one of my own.  I chose one that appealed to me, and then discovered that it was pretty easy to get creative and individual with very little knowledge about the process.

I knew that writing in a private journal was supposed to be a good way to clarify my thoughts, but there wasn’t any accountability there.  Maybe, just maybe, I could use this online thing as a journal of sorts to get straightened out.  If no one reads it, no worries, right?  Then I started writing.  And writing.  And now if I don’t post something I feel off-center and unfocused. Putting words on a page on a day by day basis forces me to think, “what’s important to me today?”   Before, actions were just reaction to daily prods and pokes. Now, if something pricks my consciousness, I let it bleed a little to see if it would make a good topic to write about. This has let me pick up and examine stray concepts and feelings, encouraging me to understand what I am looking at so that I can describe it in words.

I have always liked to write, but suspected I wouldn’t have anything profound or exciting to say. It’s been rather nice to discover that I’ve at least had a couple of people nodding their heads in agreement as they read, and it’s also very surprising. My life wouldn’t make an extraordinary tale, so perhaps my small strength lies in finding the familiar instead.

If I can put order to my mental house in the process, all the better.



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5 responses to “Blogging As Therapy

  1. Angie Ritenour

    I enjoy reading your blog and am glad you decided to become a blogger! 🙂

  2. Me too, having only just started, it’s great to see how your blog has developed. I don’t think I’m at the “blogging as therapy” stage, not because I don’t need the therapy! I’m just not quite as brave as you, yet!

    I love the image by the way.

  3. the photo, you have chosen for to illustrate your thoughts: is great!

  4. Klem

    I like the foto too. Could you please tell me who is the painter or from which source you got it?

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