Ante Meridiem

As the morning goes, so goes the day.

If it starts out like a fine oiled machine, I get a lot done. This rarely happens.  Sometimes we start sunny and go chilly. It can improve, but it usually takes more than one thing to make the morning warm back into a good day. If a morning starts out acrimonious, look out.

Our days start rather early and begin with different alarms in different rooms, including one that rings and rings and rings, usually unanswered. That can be the first piece of grit under my skin, especially when it goes off before I need to rise myself. Getting teenagers up and moving toward a place they don’t want to go becomes a second irritant. Hopefully the girls get ready with a minimum of sniping at each other, because if they get on each others nerves they just bring the discord downstairs to me and their little sister, who pops out of bed like toast every morning.

I can see the morning coming where I only have one teenager and my bright and bushy-tailed one.  Perhaps the start of the day will be easier with less for them to push against, but I am still not looking forward to it.  I’ll be wondering if my absent one’s alarm is ringing and ringing and ringing in her dorm room, and if her roommate will throttle her in her sleep one morning for not turning it off.  I’ll also miss seeing her around, even in a less than cheerful mood.

I should just enjoy the routine now, before it changes – sunny or not.  There will be enough days to get used to a new program.  Contention-filled morning or smooth, eventually everybody gets safely to wherever they need to be – school and work.  Then I can have another cup of coffee and push the reset button on my day, starting anew.


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