The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

My youngest daughter gets bummed out if she doesn’t get readers to her blog. And why is she blogging? Because she wants to share the enjoyment she has seen me get from pulling things out of my brain and putting them down on virtual paper.  She’s at that lovely stage where she gets to try on many hats; shopping and Starbucks with her older sister, an affinity for Dr. Who on BBC with her middle sister, working on the boat with her dad, and blogging with me, just to name a few.

Sometimes it feels a little scattered, but she’s finding things from all of us that she likes, and that shapes the directions she chooses to take without us.  Each of her sisters went through the same sort of phase in their growing up, and both are very distinct individuals despite being raised in the same household and with the same basic influences.  The youngest isn’t really leaning toward either sister strongly – it’s more of a sway between the two.  She is developing a lovely sense of responsibility and empathy, has a ready wit, and sometimes oversteps the boundary between imitation and doing what either sister calls her own “thing”. Knowing where that line is can be hard, and I sometimes have to remind the older ones to loosen up a little, but not often.

What will catch her fancy next? Well, it depends on how much somebody else is getting into it at the moment.  She also has interests and strengths that she developed independently and doesn’t take to everything we do, certainly.  She has her own likes and dislikes, and what she takes from all of us is certainly shaped by those.  The best thing to come from all the experimentation and new endeavors is the strengthening of her core personality.  It’s a little like a trial period.  Throw it up in the air; if it flies, it’s good.

So if you’re feeling benevolent, give her blog a click (link found to the right in my Blogroll).  It will give her a bit of satisfaction, and just maybe encourage the writer blossoming in her.  She writes pretty well, if I do say so myself.



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7 responses to “The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

  1. Hi
    I just came across your blog whilst going through the postaday blogs. I’ve only just started blogging and it’s been interesting reading other peoples’ blogs.

    I’ve got a daughter who’s a fellow Dr Who fan, so I’ll pay your daughter’s blog a visit.


    • Thanks for stopping by! I mentioned that you might be looking for a Dr. Who post to my daughter and that got the wheels turning, I think… Look for one soon 😉

      • Hello again, I’ve just spent a while round your site, paying particular attention to your “Nest Tunes” and there’s a couple of artists in there that are in my collection too, Jason Mraz and John Mellencamp.
        I saw Jason Mraz at the Glastonbury Festival in 2009 and had a great time.
        I’ll check some of the other artists over the weekend.

      • Would have been great to see him live – I never have. Good venue too!

      • Hi
        Your daughter’s no doubt told you that I’ve commented on her blog, which is very good by the way, and I’ve just read her latest post on Doctor Who. I hope you don’t mind,I’ve given her a link to some photos I’ve uploaded to Flickr of last year’s Doctor Who prom at The Albert Hall.

      • Thank you for letting me know you sent them. I appreciate you sharing them with her – she thought they were great!

  2. pulling things out of my brain
    and putting them down on virtual paper …
    yes, that’s it, exactly!

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