Cup of joe, brain juice, mojo, tar, liquid lightening, plasma, battery acid, black gold, fix, jamoke, mother’s little helper.  Whatever you call it, I should have had more of it this morning.

Sleep eluded me last night.  I guess with the odd schedule we have been following (read: no schedule) my body wasn’t inclined to go to sleep.  I couldn’t get comfortable; I couldn’t lay still.  I knew the alarm would ring early and that we were all going to have a hard time getting going, so I knew I just couldn’t hit the snooze button.  The more I tried to get to dreamland, however, the more my mind churned over the reasons I needed to sleep and the more awake I became.

Why is it that the amount of sleep I get seems to be inversely proportional to the amount I think I need? My brain gets sluggish but the rest of me gets more awake, so going to bed early only gives me more time to toss and turn.  I have fragments of thoughts zipping through my half-responsive brain; no wonder I can’t relax and nod off.

Perhaps I just need to get used to an early alarm again so that I can get to sleep at a regular hour.  That and have a decent cup of joe waiting for me in the morning.  They don’t call it wakey juice for nothing.


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