On Your Mark, Get Set…

There is no homework that needs to be finished.  No extra kids are in the house.  I got to enjoy a leisurely lunch with a good friend without needing to rush home.  There are no bells ringing, as my mother used to say.

Tomorrow begins another story.  Monday, January 3rd.  Back to school, back to work, back to schedules that are not shaped by our own hands.  There is a Commission meeting looming, an orthodontist appointment, a veterinarian follow-up, band rehearsals, lessons to be taught, homework to be done, student driving to be logged, martial arts to get a kid to — and that’s all just in the week coming up.  As the weeks roll toward spring, the schedule will only accelerate.

I’m holding my breath this afternoon, preparing to take the plunge into the race toward the end of the school year.  After a satisfying break, I think we are all ready to get back on track and move forward.  There is an air of expectancy, a quiet before the storm, almost a slight impatience. We are ready for tomorrow.

Yes, there are dishes to be done and laundry in the dryer that needs to be folded.  There is also a cup of tea brewing on the counter and a warm spot under a quilt on the couch waiting for me.  No need to guess which way I’ll be going, at least for today.

Tomorrow will be here soon enough.


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