New Year’s Day is supposed to be a day where I contemplate change, to look back upon all of the things I have failed at or fallen short on, and decide to do better on the shiny clean surface of the new year stretching in front of me.

Years past I have given up chocolate (shudder), begun diets, set up exercise regimes, resolved to have better sleep habits or read more or practice regularly. After the excesses of the holiday season just past, any of those would be desirable goals to set.  Perhaps resolving to watch what I eat or to practice more is a good thing to do, no matter how long I keep it up, because even a small bit of improvement would fall on the black side of the balance sheet.  A resolution is a tricky thing, however.

In music, a resolution is the movement from a dissonant to a consonant chord or the note or chord to which the harmony moves when progressing from dissonance to consonance.  In literature it is the point in a dramatic work when the conflict is resolved.  In medicine it is the disappearance or coming to an end of a symptom or condition such as fever or inflammation.  In a formal meeting, it is an expression of the consensus, arrived at after discussion and usually as the result of a vote.  All these things signify an ending; the completion of something.

One of the good things I have accomplished in the year just past is a heightened self-awareness; a clearer view of what is going on around me that extends to my own actions as well as those of others.  I don’t have to see endings coming, I can see beginnings.  Today, all things are possible.  Why set myself up to resolve anything?

This year, I resolve to have no resolutions.

Dang.  I’ve broken that one already.



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3 responses to “Resolution

  1. a heightened self-awareness; a clearer view of what is going on around me…
    I think writing supports self-awareness …

    • I think you are absolutely right, and I’d add publishing to that. It keeps me honest when I post things where others can read it and makes me think harder and be surer of my feelings. Blogging is directly tied to my self-awareness. It makes me examine more closely and not miss things I otherwise would have.

  2. Marsha Boatwright

    Love it!
    Wishing you happiness in the New Year!

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