My Christmas Cold

It never fails.  Somehow, with all the stress and running around and mingling with shopping crowds, I always seem to get sniffly the week between the holidays. It’s easy to pick up more than Christmas presents at the malls and stores; they also seem to serve up this year’s germ cocktail.

When you have children who go to the petri dishes we call schools, you get used to coming down with whatever is going around.  Along with their kindergarten artwork or middle school math, they bring home colds and the flu and anything else they share with each other.  When I was a teacher, students would turn in their home ailments with their homework.  In all fairness, I should already have had everything that was possible to get and not be susceptible to anything else, but here I am, hit again.

Children get 6-10 colds yearly, adults 2-4 yearly; over 60’s less than 1 a year, or so says the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  It’s nice to have something positive to look forward to in the coming years — maybe my Christmas Cold will be the only one I have all year, because sure as Christmas comes, I’ll keep getting them.

Unfortunately, I still have a few things to accomplish, including a cozy get-together with some good friends and our plans for family time for the rest of the week, but I resolve to take a little time off and take care of myself.  No more of this achy, stuffed up running around.  Tea and sympathy are my prescription for what ails me.   If that fails, I’ll try a hot toddy.


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