Nappers, Unite!

After all of the wonderful food and late nights and frenetic activity of the last week, I’m ready to just wave the white flag and surrender.  Yesterday was all I could have hoped it would be.  A great morning, a nice dinner, a happy family.  All the planning seems to have been worth it on many levels, but it’s over.  Sometimes I get the blues after the big day, but pleasant relief is prominent at the moment.  Now my mind turns to my next goal: a nap.

There is a fine art to napping.  It has to be in the right place, at the right temperature, the right noise level, and the right degree of somnolence to be optimal — except for days like today, in which I could curl up anywhere and drop off just by closing my eyes.  That’s probably good, since the kids will have people over and be playing a new Wii game all afternoon.  Unfortunately, that means my favorite napping spot is off-limits; I try not to snore or drool in front of my daughter’s friends.

I’ll just have to be creative with it and find a semi-quiet spot where I won’t either embarrass anyone or be in the way, but I fully intend to join the ranks of tired parents dozing off today.  My kids will just have to work around me.


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