Winter Break

In general, the idea of the kids being home for the holiday season is a good one.  In my experience, however, it always runs head-on into the reality of having them home for a full two weeks in the middle of winter.  We are not traveling this year, and though there are holiday things to prepare for, there is also a lot of much-anticipated down time.  This can be both good and bad.

“There’s nothing to do…”

“I’m hungry.”

“Does she have to do that?”

“Can you take me to….”

I have heard all of those things already and their break just started at the end of the day on Friday.  For kids who counted down the minutes until they could be out of school, you’d think they would have some sort of plan, wouldn’t you?  Have a book they would like to read, stories they would like to write, movies they would like to see, things they have wanted to do but just haven’t had the time for.  When they were younger there was more of a need to keep them occupied so cabin fever didn’t set in.  Now, when in other circumstances they are quite independent, they seem to be somewhat lacking in the area of self-entertainment.

Add holiday preparations to the more densely populated house and everything just gets one degree more difficult. I plan on interrupting their vacation with some unwelcome work sessions and room cleaning, but I might save that bombshell until later in the week, after they have bought and wrapped my presents.  No parent likes to get coal.

School vacations are really no time off for me; my break begins on January 3rd when they all go back to school.


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