Age of Majority

The day has arrived. When she was born eighteen years ago, we knew we’d have at least this many years before we had completed our job. We nurtured and loved and educated her without really thinking about what would happen when our job was done.

Is the job ever finished? We still have high school to complete and four years of college to see her through, so we are still providing her education. She lives in our home, at least for a little more, so we can still nurture her and provide for her. And no matter how old she gets, she will always have our love.

So what has changed with this birthday milestone? She is legally able to fend for herself. She can make her own choices and mistakes. She can serve her country and vote for the candidates she chooses. And we hope that all we have done and said and thought to this point has stuck and made an impact on her so she can make the best choices for herself.

Today I have two children. And one adult.



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2 responses to “Age of Majority

  1. Eric H.

    You are not old. Officially or otherwise. Because if you are, based on the criteria you are expressing, then I am “really old” and that just can’t be. After all, I am a year younger than you and that would be a paradox.

    But, I do understand the feeling of: “Where did the time go?”.


    • Rhonda Anderson

      And you have done a marvelous job Mary – you and Wendell. She is a lovely young woman with the world at her feet and two wonderful parents who will love and support her no matter what. Congratulations on a job well done so far…no doubt the rest will be just as joyous, adventure filled, heart swelling and fun. Blessings for the journey.

      p.s. enjoying the blog with laughter and chocolate!

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