Sunday Snow Day

Watching quiet, falling snow from a warm house. Drinking coffee, with my family occupied at private pursuits in different parts of the house. A clean space, no chores calling, no kids bickering, no place I needed to be. In short, a perfect afternoon.

Snow days used to be a higher degree of difficulty.  The children needed more supervision, if not active projects and games and activities to keep them occupied when they were stuck inside. There were territorial disputes to mediate, snacks to make and cocoa to heat, snow gear to help them into and out of when they finally ventured outside, and mounds of wet coats and mittens in the entry.

School snow days are a different story and much sought after. My kids are always giddy after the initial phase of sleeping in, and then get down to the serious pursuit of goofing off.   There is a whole mythology about what to do to make tomorrow a snow day: wear their jammies inside out, put a spoon under their pillow, a penny under their door, a white crayon on their windowsill, and an ice cube in the toilet.  How much more magical can you get than that? Even my teenagers are willing to go to such lengths tonight to get the day off tomorrow.

This snowy weekend day gave us the much needed space and time for a breather after a busy week. I hope we can keep some of this peace in the weeks to come.


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