It feels incredibly satisfying to finish something that needs to be done whether it be a major cleaning project, a call you have been putting off, or a book you’ve been trying to finish. Whatever it is just drops off of your mental to do list and leaves a shiny clean space, at least for a little while.

I cleaned my refrigerator the other day.  I know that’s not a big thing in the scope of my life, but at least for a little while, when I open it up I’ll be able to see the shining shelves and know that there is nothing lurking for me at the back of the produce drawer. My family may not notice until I point it out to them, but it’s better for them too. Today saw the family room cleaned top to bottom and the rest of the holiday decorations put up.  Two more things off my “to do” list.

How long before they are back on my list? Clear counters are just magnets for whatever is in my family’s hands.  Open space in the family room soon gets filled with people and stuff, just because it is open. The kitchen table attracts “works in progress”, and the whole feeding a family thing is just a cycle of making a mess and cleaning it up.

It’s usually just a matter of minutes before something has to be done or redone, but maybe there will be time enough to pour a glass and sit back to savor my small accomplishment.  Those few minutes do feel pretty good.


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