Perchance to Dream

Don’t hate me, but I took a nap today.

I don’t seem to dream at night much anymore, but this afternoon I had a wondrous adventure. As usual with dreams, what I remember fades quickly after I wake, but I know at one point I was able to carry a large hutch up many flights of stairs after watching several men try to coordinate and maneuver it awkwardly up one floor.  I recall clearly that I handed off whatever small thing I was carrying, got in front of the hutch, put my head under the shelf, and lifted it on my back and started up the next flight of stairs.  I over-balanced at one point, and almost went crashing backwards, but somebody put out a steadying hand and I paused and recovered.  I wish I could remember who else was there, and what all that was a part of, but I just remember those few things.  That, and that I was happy, very happy, to be able to trudge it up like that.  I don’t really think it was because I was able to do what they couldn’t.  It was more that just the action of doing it made me almost giddy.

They say everything in a dream means something, and I am sure someone familiar with dream analysis would have a clear answer for what all this meant. Perhaps the hutch was family life, that I passed off the small life I had and carried the new, larger thing happily.  Maybe the steadying hand was all I needed to keep me from losing my balance, like friends and family support me now. Perhaps just living life, getting up that flight of stairs, can make me happy just in the doing.

I woke from the nap wanting to go back to it, to see where I was going with the thing, where the hutch belonged. But I had things to do, lessons to teach, and the girls would be home from school soon, so I left the dream to finish itself without me and moved on into my afternoon.

I still feel the slightest bit giddy, though.


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