Are You Talking To Me?

“Thanks for making me go to school.”

I looked around to see who the girl was talking to.  After all, it couldn’t be me, could it?  “No, really.  We watched a film today in Family Sociology about people that didn’t make their kids go to any kind of school – just let them ‘learn from life’. They won’t get into college or get jobs.  They were really messed up.”  She walked on into the kitchen. “Anyway, thanks.”

What do you say to something like that? “You’re welcome” just seems blase. “Well, then, all the homework and complaining and fighting was worth it” is a bit too snide. “Tell me that tomorrow morning when I wake you up for school” was closer to the forefront of my mind, but I thought I had better not sully the moment with that particular comment.

“Sounds like you got a lot from class today,” I said instead. She emptied the ice tray into her glass and got a drink, absently brushing my cheek with hers on the way out of the kitchen. Hands full and moving to whatever was next on her agenda, she left me standing there like an idiot, half smile on my face.

I guess she was talking to me.


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