(List-)Writers Block

I can write notes to my kid’s teachers. I can pen cards to relatives and friends, though admittedly I don’t do that often enough. I can compose emails with the best of them, come up with interview questions, edit school essays and reports, generate shopping and packing lists, IM, text, and even occasionally type out a blog entry. So why am I finding it so difficult to put pen to paper when asked to make a “wish list” for gifts for myself?

I have been asked several times (by varying family members) to just write down a small list so they can get their holiday shopping started. I figured it would be a snap, so I promised to do that today. So, what do I need? What do I want? First, it has to include some things the kids can give. That shouldn’t be so hard, right? But the more I think of it, the less specific I can get. I really don’t need anything at all, and it seems greedy and sometimes silly to ask my kids for something that I don’t need and to end up actually paying for it myself.  Okay, I’ll do the kids list later.

The bigger things tend to be just that – big.  Some things I’d like, a few that we need for the house, but I don’t like lining up a list that will take several paydays to cover. It’s just a holiday after all, and I always feel that I really shouldn’t ask for anything. I know I would be making it easier for my family to present them with a cut and dried list, but the thought nags at me: shouldn’t they know what I would like and need already?

I considered it this morning.  Then I thought about it this afternoon. I avoided it this evening, and now tonight I’m stopping just short of agonizing over it.  After all, gift-giving season is quite some time away. I’ll certainly manage to come up with something – maybe tomorrow.


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    Just One.

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